Technical Diving

Tec Diving

Technical diving (sometimes referred to as Tec diving) is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the conventional scope (in terms of depth, bottom time and type of diving) of recreational diving, although the vast majority of technical divers dive for recreation and no other purpose. Technical divers require advanced training, extensive experience, specialized equipment and often use breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox.

The term technical diving has been credited to Michael Menduno, who was editor of the (now defunct) diving magazine aquaCorps Journal. The concept and term, technical diving, are both relatively recent advents, although divers have been engaging in what is now commonly referred to as technical diving for decades.

Tec Diving Courses

FNQ Dive offers various Technical Diving Courses. FNQ Dive offers entry level Tecnical Diving courses, Tec Deep diving courses (Dives beyond 40 metres / 130 ft), Tec gas blending or mixed gas diving courses and Tec Diving instructor courses that will enable you to teach, conduct and certify students. For more information of the Tecnical Diving courses, explore and view all our courses.