Specialty Diving Courses

Scuba diving can introduce people to an almost limitless number of interests with subjects ranging from Archaeology through to Zoology. There is no other sport or pastime that can match it for the diversity of knowledge to which a diver can be exposed. That’s often why this sport is often called "life changing"; it can introduce a diver to another interest that may not otherwise have been experienced, and then life can take on a different and exciting perspective!

Adventure/Advanced Open Water/Specialty courses

That’s also why we offer Adventure, Advanced Open water and Specialty training - because there’s a lot more to know about this sport than just blowing bubbles and taking pictures of Nemo!

So what are these courses all about? How much are they? How long do they take? And what to do to get started?

To be eligible to get started with any of these courses, a person needs to have at least an Open Water certification (and in some cases starting with that course). Then it’s easy! You just have to choose from a long list of specialty areas of interest and we’ll go about introducing you to them.

The ‘Adventure diver’ course consists of any three specialty dives. These are conducted on one day and the course fee is A$350 including text and certification.

The ‘Advanced Open Water’ course consists of five specialty dives, and must include a navigation and deep dive. These dives are conducted over two days and the course fee is A$450 including text and certification.

The course fees are varied as dives may be credited from those already performed for the Adventure or Advanced Open Water courses. If inquiring regarding any of these specialty courses, please advise your current level of training with the type of adventure dives completed during that training. In that way a more accurate estimate of overall course fee(s) can be made for you. Specialty courses can be ‘stand alone’ or performed in conjunction with your Adventure or Advanced Open Water course.

Master Scuba Diver

This is an award given to those who have who have a minimum 50 dives experience and has completed an Advanced Open Water, Rescue diver and 5 specialty courses. This is the highest non-professional diver certification that can be gained and is a measure of your broad knowledge and accomplishment. Contact us to show you how you can accomplish this. Go for it!

The Specialty Subjects

The specialty subjects available are as listed below and take between one and two days each to complete.

Other specialty courses available are:

Action Camera, Advanced Wreck, AED for Divers, Health for Diving, Jellyfish Diver, Kayak Diver, Lake Diver, Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Diver (with or without communications), Quarry Diver, Research Diver, Tropical Diver, Underwater Bottle Collecting, Xceptional Diver, Yongala Diver & Zombie Diver.