Scientific Diving:

RTD3508A Perform Diving for Scientific Purposes

Keith Cardwell researching Scientific Diving: RTD3508A Perform Diving for Scientific Purposes

The purpose of scientific diving standards is to ensure that all scientific diving is conducted in a manner that will maximize protection of scientific divers from accidental injury and/or illness.

RTD3508A Perform Diving for Scientific Purposes covers the processes of scientific diving required to support research, monitoring and inspection roles associated with places or areas of significance. It requires the ability to plan diving operations, prepare for and conduct dives, debrief diving teams, check and store equipment, review diving programs and respond to diving maladies. Performing diving for scientific purposes requires the knowledge of the physics of diving, no-decompression tables, dive equipment and planning, emergency procedures, agencies standing orders for notification, and radio operation procedures.

Successful completion of this unit requires compliance with the current Australian Standards for Occupational Diving Operations: Scientific Diving (AS/NZS 2299.2:2002)


*Equivalents to all PADI qualifications will be reviewed under recognition of prior learning (RPL) guidelines.

Cost Fee

A$2340. Includes use of all scuba equipment, tuition and training materials with the exception of any texts required for further specialty diver training.

All Boat & Shore Dives includes reef tax where applicable. Course credit will be offered to those students who already hold parts of, or all of the prerequisite qualification as per the following table:

Course Duration in days Cost
Open Water 4 A$400
Advanced Open Water 2 A$350
Apply First Aid 1 A$120
Rescue Diver 3 A$575
Emergency o2 Provider 1 A$95

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