Articles by Keith Cardwell

Special Articles (Unpublished) 2017

Special Article Further Comments on Diver Fatalities: A Matter of Perspective?

Special Article Diving incidents, the Titanic and a couple of suggestions

Special Article Equipment – after a fashion – and how fashions change

Dive Pacific Magazine Articles by Keith Cardwell

The following articles are reproduced with kind permission of Dive Pacific, a magazine that I fully recommend for all divers to subscribe to.

Issue 107 Care and Maintenance – Regulators

Issue 108 Care and Maintenance – Cylinders

Issue 109 Care and Maintenance – BCDs

Issue 110 Care and Maintenance - Wetsuits, Drysuits and Woolly jumpers

Issue 111 Care and Maintenance - Gadgets, Gizmos and MacGuiver

Issue 112 Care and Maintenance – Mask, Fins and Snorkel

Issue 112 Lady Bowen

Issue 113 Care and Maintenance – Cameras and Accessories

Issue 114 Where's Wally?

Issue 114 What to Do Now?

Issue 117 Swimming with Crocodiles

Issue 118 Zero to Hero

Issue 119 The Underwater Fakawe Tribe

Issue 120 All the Gear and No Idea!

Issue 121 Killer or Keeper?

Issue 123 Dive Tables and Computers

Issue 124 Rules, Hints, Acronyms and Aphorisms

Issue 125 Want to Earn a Living from Diving?

Issue 126 Blast from the past. NZ Rugby Underwater!

Issue 126 Marathons, Air pigs and Ratbags

Issue 127: Lake Barrine

Issue 128: Chillagoe

Issue 132: Air Fill Stations

Issue 139: Blackboards and Satellites

Issue 142: How do you know if your instructor is competent?

Issue 143: What do you do when it fills up with water?

Issue 144: Altitude Diving

Issue 145: Boat Diving

Special article Nature's Playground 2009. Samoa - Eel Eggs and Fireflies